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      Top 10 Tips

      By Simon White, SW Business Development, 19th April 2017 Northamptonshire based Business Development Expert, Simon White, shares his top 10 tips for telemarketing success. 1. Set clear objectives – Are you looking to generate a qualified face to face appointment or make a sale? Who do you...

      By Katy Berrill, Monday 10th April 2017 Using the Think, Write, Edit, Polish Model as shown above, we can all become productive and effective writers. Whether you are writing a Proposal or Tender Response we all need to be productive in our writing to avoid wasted time and...

      By Louise Lewis, Tuesday 21st February 2017 1. Identify the client’s need and think from the client’s perspective. What is it they need and how can this be addressed and tailored? 2. Don’t bid for everything – make sure that the opportunity is winnable, deliverable and profitable....