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    Professional Bid Writers

    Our Professional Bid Writers Will Win You More Business!

    Our team of experienced professional bid writers deliver innovative bids, tenders and proposal documents which capture the requirements and needs of your clients, helping to maximise the qualitative score of the tender.


    We’ll make sure that your Bids continuously develop and improve to stay ahead of your competition. Our work also ensures that your bids are innovative, add value, and better meet the Proposal requirements.


    We offer an efficient, affordable solution to providing bid writing services, and have a bid win rate in excess of 85% across all Clients!

    From writing standard content for Selection Questionnaires (PQQs), bespoke responses for Tender documents, Policies, Supporting Information, Presentations and Proposals, our Services are second to none. We are able to distil large quantities of information into concise high scoring answers with each bid tailored to the exacting needs of the end client.


    There may be a number of reasons you need to outsource your Bid Writing to professionals; it could be a one off due to a lack of time or perhaps there is no one within your Organisation with the time or skill set to complete them effectively. By outsourcing this task, internal staff are free to do their day job. The most common reasons Clients turn to us are:


    • To Maximise Quality Score & Seek Improvements
    • Lack of Time or Day job getting in the way
    • Lack of Internal Resources/ Required Skills
    • To Improve Win Rates
    • To gain an External Perspective
    • Support in entering new markets & promoting new products & services

    Below is a list of Industries we have considerable experience both with sourcing Tenders and Writing/Reviewing/Managing Responses:

    • Building Maintenance
    • Business Services Tenders
    • Construction Tenders
    • Grounds Maintenance Tenders
    • Heating & Gas Maintenance
    • IT Tenders
    • NHS Tenders
    • Printing & Signage Tenders
    • Professional Services Tenders
    • Social Care Tenders
    • Waste & Recycling Tenders
    • Road Safety Tenders
    • Marketing & Media Tenders
    • Plumbing & Drainage Tenders
    • Recruitment Tenders
    • Building & Engineering Service Tenders
    • Financial & Protection Tenders
    • Solar Panels & Energy Tenders
    • Education Tenders
    • Health & Wellbeing Tenders
    • Social Housing Tenders
    • Data & Technology Tenders

    Our Professional Bid Writing Services

    We provide a bespoke service to each client. Everything we do is tailored towards meeting the individual needs of every business we work with.


    Much as snowflakes are unique, so are businesses; the skillsets, targets, strategies and fulfillment capacities of your company will differ from the competitors in your industry.


    This is why we work closely with every client to determine what their individual goals and strengths are, so we can craft bids that directly address the requirements of the contracts which are up for tender.


    This focus on creating deeply individual, custom-made bid documents for each client, which specifically pinpoint how the client can provide the services which the purchasing parties need, in a timely and highly efficient way, has produced excellent results for our clients over recent years, as our 85% overall bid win rate attests to.


    No matter the scale or size of the contract being bid on, we can help. Whether you operate in the public or private sector, or a mix of both, we can give you the best possible chance of winning the contracts you are after.


    As an example of the value we can provide, consider that over the past 10 years alone, we have won for our clients contracts exceeding a total of £1 billion.


    These results have come across a wide variety of industries in the both the public and private sectors, showing that our team has the knowledge, experience, skillset and adaptability to win more business for a client, whatever type of contract it is they’re bidding on.

    A Case Study Of Our Professional Bid Writers

    To help demonstrate the ways we can assist clients in winning bids and securing lucrative contracts, we will now present a real-life case study of the work we did for a previous client in the construction industry.


    The client was an established, medium-sized construction company that had been in business for 45 years. Their output was high-quality, featuring a mix of both traditional and contemporary ideas to deliver creative and innovative work.


    They approached us because they had a problem; they were submitting regular bids to one main buyer, but despite the fact the buyer liked them and their work, they would consistently lose out on the contract by small margins – often just 1 or 2 marks.


    It was clear to them that enlisting the help of an experienced and professional bid writer could make a substantial difference to their business, so they contacted us.


    During our initial meetings with the client, we reviewed several of their previous bids to see where they had been losing points, and created a plan and a process to ensure that these marks would not be lost during their bidding process in future.


    Specifically, we identified which bits of information were missing from their unsuccessful bids, and what crucial details they had not included which would have made their bids a lot stronger.


    We then worked with them to collect this information, and conducted a thorough review of their upcoming bids to check their tenders before submission. Our input here added significant value to the final bids which were submitted.


    The outcome of our work for this client was very positive; our help and support raised their quality marks from 3/5 or 4/5 up to 5/5, and this allowed the client to secure a number of exciting and high-profile business opportunities within their local area.


    Furthermore, using the bid creation and review process which we created for them has enabled the client to continue to benefit from our work, without us having further direct input.


    By following the structures and frameworks we implemented for them, they have gone on to win further bids as a result of their improved bid submissions, without us having to lend them our direct support.

    At Bid and Tender Support, we have some of the leading bid writers in the UK. So if you need a professional bid writing service to help you win more business, give us a call!

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