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    Freelance Bid Writer or Agency?

    Corporate Bid Writing Vs. The Freelance Bid Writer

    An increasing number of companies are discovering the value of hiring professional bid writers. Whether they choose a freelance bid writer, or the high-quality services provided by experienced agencies, such as us at Bid & Tender support, the aim is usually the same.


    Businesses hire professional bid writers to free up their time, outsource complicated and time-consuming processes, and to make use of the bid writers’ unique skills and experience.


    Bid writers are able to secure a significant amount more work for businesses, meaning more revenue and profit. Here at Bid & Tender Support we are proud to say that in just ten years we have secured an additional 1 billion pounds in revenue for our clients.

    Should You Hire a Freelance Bid Writer?

    If you are considering hiring bid writers to help secure more work for your business, then you have a range of options open to you.


    You can choose to work with a large bid writing corporation, a smaller and more boutique bid writing corporation like Bid & Tender Support with a range of bespoke options, or to hire an individual freelance bid writer.


    The option you select depends on how quickly you need to complete the bid, how experienced you expect your chosen professional to be, the nature and complexity of the bid itself, and your individual budget.

    Below is a list of Industries we have considerable experience both with sourcing Tenders and Writing/Reviewing/Managing Responses:

    • Building Maintenance
    • Business Services Tenders
    • Construction Tenders
    • Grounds Maintenance Tenders
    • Heating & Gas Maintenance
    • IT Tenders
    • NHS Tenders
    • Printing & Signage Tenders
    • Professional Services Tenders
    • Social Care Tenders
    • Waste & Recycling Tenders
    • Road Safety Tenders
    • Marketing & Media Tenders
    • Plumbing & Drainage Tenders
    • Recruitment Tenders
    • Building & Engineering Service Tenders
    • Financial & Protection Tenders
    • Solar Panels & Energy Tenders
    • Education Tenders
    • Health & Wellbeing Tenders
    • Social Housing Tenders
    • Data & Technology Tenders

    Pros and Cons of Using a Freelancer

    Freelance bid writers can be found in a range of ways, whether through an internet search, an advertisement, or a personal recommendation.


    The advantages of freelance bid writers are that they can be more affordable than larger corporations, and can often be flexible with their availability.


    While some freelance bid writers may have a specialism or a sector they are more experienced in, others may have a variety of experience, having working on a range of different freelance projects.


    The potential drawbacks of a freelance bid writer might be that finding a reputable, vetted bid writer you can trust means trawling advertisements and databases to find a good fit. This can be time consuming and inefficient — especially if it leads to disappointment.


    Freelance bid writers may also have a number of clients making demands on their time at any one time, meaning that you may not be able to expect the same bespoke level of service that slightly larger companies offer.


    Freelance bid writers can provide a great, attentive service. But here at Bid & Tender Support we believe we offer a few key advantages over freelancers.

    Top-Quality Bid Writing At Bid & Tender Support

    To help demonstrate the ways we can assist clients in winning bids and securing lucrative contracts, we will now present a real-life case study of the work we did for a previous client in the construction industry.


    The client was an established, medium-sized construction company that had been in business for 45 years. Their output was high-quality, featuring a mix of both traditional and contemporary ideas to deliver creative and innovative work.


    They approached us because they had a problem; they were submitting regular bids to one main buyer, but despite the fact the buyer liked them and their work, they would consistently lose out on the contract by small margins – often just 1 or 2 marks.


    It was clear to them that enlisting the help of an experienced and professional bid writer could make a substantial difference to their business, so they contacted us.


    During our initial meetings with the client, we reviewed several of their previous bids to see where they had been losing points, and created a plan and a process to ensure that these marks would not be lost during their bidding process in future.


    Specifically, we identified which bits of information were missing from their unsuccessful bids, and what crucial details they had not included which would have made their bids a lot stronger.


    We then worked with them to collect this information, and conducted a thorough review of their upcoming bids to check their tenders before submission. Our input here added significant value to the final bids which were submitted.


    The outcome of our work for this client was very positive; our help and support raised their quality marks from 3/5 or 4/5 up to 5/5, and this allowed the client to secure a number of exciting and high-profile business opportunities within their local area.


    At Bid & Tender Support, we are a medium sized company. This places us in a unique position to offer some of the key advantages of both flexible freelance bid writers and more established, larger bid writing companies, without some of their disadvantages.


    For example, with a professional and experienced team at our disposal, we can offer the same flexibility and availability as a freelancer and guarantee consistency. We also have access to the latest bid writing software and tender searching services, used by larger bid writing firms.


    We have the time and resources to ensure that your needs are met — and exceeded — when you choose to partner with us.


    We are easy to reach and contact, on hand to answer your queries in a timely and efficient manner. We understand that bid writing to secure that all-important contract is vital and time sensitive.


    Our friendly and professional team also has a range of experience across a wide variety of sectors including the public, private, and charity sectors.


    Our overall win rate currently stands at an impressive 85%, so we are confident that the services we provide can directly help you win more work. We are also keen to provide our clients with excellent value and affordability.


    We can undertake the complex, time consuming, and specialised work of seeking tenders and securing work leaving you free to focus on the areas of your business that need more attention.


    Many of our clients see us as a valuable investment not only in winning them more work, but also in returning their valuable time to them.

    The Services We Offer

    Our wide range of services includes bid search services, bid reviewing, bid strategy, bid support services, bid consultancy, and also training and courses in both bid writing services and bid management services.


    We can also tailor our services to your individual needs and requirements, creating a bespoke package that is personally suited to you and your business.


    You can visit our Services page and browse each service individually to decide what is the best fit for you. Alternatively, why not get in touch with one of our friendly team to discuss your needs? We would be delighted to assist you in finding a service that suits you.


    You can use our Quick Quote page online to receive a free quote, or to discuss things in more detail, why not a range a completely free 1 hour consultation with one of our team? Simply visit our home page for more details.

    Our History

    At Bid & Tender Support, our emphasis has always been on providing our valued clients with the most flexible, affordable, and effective solutions that will win them more work.


    We can offer bespoke services for individual bids, projects, and contracts, or even help to overhaul your in-house bid writing strategy. Our top of the range courses and training can help your team to develop their own bid writing experience and strategy.


    With a range of experience across every sector, our team can adapt to suit your business and bidding needs, however simple or complex.


    We always ensure that customer service is at the forefront of our approach. You can speak to our team with complete confidence across a range of platforms. Call us on 01908 382 414 or email us at info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk.


    We are also active on social media, so follow our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles to stay in touch.

    At Bid and Tender Support, we have some of the leading bid writers in the UK. So if you need a professional bid writing service to help you win more business, give us a call!

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