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    Bid Writing Workshops

    Our Bid Writing Workshops Will Help You Win More Business!

    At Bid and Tender Support, we offer bespoke, tailor-made bid writing workshops designed to meet the requirements of individual businesses.


    Our customised courses are specifically constructed to deliver the training your organisation needs, and this focus on delivering personalised coaching sets us apart from other companies – many of whom have a cookie cutter approach which does not take into account the specific requirements of each business as a unique entity.


    All of our workshops are delivered by experienced, highly trained experts in their field. You and your company will have the opportunity to learn directly from our industry-leading professionals as they deliver your training directly to your team in-house at your place of work, using content specific to your company, industry and skill gaps.


    Our training courses will enable your teams to deliver a far greater number of winning bids, by furthering their understanding of the discipline, and by developing an effective bid management process.


    We can also help you to not just be competent bid writers, but to stand out and excel, as our courses will teach you how to utilise the latest tools and techniques available in the bid writing industry.

    Our Bid Writing Workshops

    We provide a bespoke service to each client. Everything we do is tailored towards meeting the individual needs of every business we work with.


    Much as snowflakes are unique, so are businesses; the skillsets, targets, strategies and fulfilment capacities of your company will differ from the competitors in your industry.


    This is why we work closely with every client to determine what their individual goals and strengths are, so we can craft bids that directly address the requirements of the contracts which are up for tender.


    This focus on creating deeply individual, custom-made bid documents for each client, which specifically pinpoint how the client can provide the services which the purchasing parties need, in a timely and highly efficient way, has produced excellent results for our clients over recent years, as our 85% overall bid win rate attests to.


    No matter the scale or size of the contract being bid on, we can help. Whether you operate in the public or private sector, or a mix of both, we can give you the best possible chance of winning the contracts you are after.


    But what if you don’t want or need a unique, personalised approach? In that case, our Bid Smart Workshops could be just what you need.


    These workshops cover the essentials in how to win more work through using a smart Bidding and Tendering process which ensures success.


    Some Content Topics and Examples from the Bid Writing Workshops Include:


    • Choosing the Right Bid Opportunities
    • Understanding the tender instructions and documentation including Marking Criteria
    • Managing the Bid from start to finish
    • Incorporating Account Managers, Market and Client Intelligence
    • Content Planning and Mapping out the Bid
    • Productive Bid Writing Techniques
    • Structures for Bid Reviews and Red Team Reviews
    • Capturing Lessons Learned and Continuous Improvements

    Some Uses For Our Bid Writing Workshops

    Our bid writing courses and workshops are ideally suited for both individuals seeking to improve their professional credentials and upskill their capabilities, and for companies looking to achieve their business goals.

    A Bid Writing Workshop Case Study

    We have successfully worked with many companies to deliver bid writing workshops to their staff. This has allowed them to use these new skillsets to significantly increase their bid win rates and secure lucrative new contracts.


    For example, in 2018 we ran an open workshop for local business owners and directors with responsibility for tendering, and shared with them 7 stages of successful bidding. This included training on finding opportunities, creating a library, competitor analysis, bid writing and bid review, amongst other subjects.


    Additionally, in early 2019 we delivered a Bid Workshop to a well-known global distribution and logistics company. We were asked to review their previous bids, provide feedback, and suggest areas for improvement, over the course of a workshop with their senior management.


    Our topics included: Bid Reviews, Content Planning, Answer Planning, Identifying Win Themes and Bid Management.

    At Bid and Tender Support, we offer some of the leading bid writing workshops in the UK. So if you’re looking to win more business, give us a call!
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