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    Our Top Ten Tips for Successful Networking

    Our Top Ten Tips for Successful Networking

    By Louise Lewis, Tuesday 21st March 2017

    Effective networking is part of all businesses now. It may be that you network internally within your Organisation to collaborate and share ideas, networking may be how you find and engage with Delivery Partners or more commonly it is a method for promoting your business and building relationships to support your business in terms of generating work.

    When Tendering for work all 3 approaches to Networking above are relevant, and it can’t be underestimated the power of connecting with people when working on writing and finding suitable opportunities to tender for.

    This week’s Blog is covering our Top Ten Tips for effective and successful networking:

    1. Visit different groups before making the commitment to join, get a feel for the people and the environment. You want to feel comfortable and make sure you are in the right environment for your type of business

    2. Pick groups that will help you in your business with the kind of connections and contacts you can use. For example specific industry groups or locations

    3. Dress to impress and in an appropriate manner for what you do and never arrive late if you can help it, first impressions are so important.

    4. Remember Networking is a two way event so always come across as genuine and remember you are also there to help and be interested in others. If you go just with your own agenda it can be off putting for those talking to you

    5. Volunteer within the organisation, whether it be your skill set that could help the group or just getting involved in general organising can create great exposure and makes you memorable

    6. Become a popular member by giving back to the group, introduce people, recommend others, provide testimonials but make sure they are all genuine – what goes around comes around

    7. Have a clear understanding of what you want to get from the group and where this can lead. Successful networkers set Objectives and Plans

    8. Always pay attention and make notes, this will help keep a track of who you’ve spoken to, what they are looking for and how you may be able to help.

    9. Remember to follow up and stay in touch with those you’ve met.

    10. Finally, enjoy it! You may make friends and enrich your social life too.