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    High Quality IT Support Tenders

    The Importance of IT Support Tenders

    In the booming technology and IT industries, competition for work is fierce. Many businesses need professional IT support, but crafting excellent IT support tenders is key to securing the work.


    That’s where we come in. With our bespoke and comprehensive services designed to suit your business, we can create an action plan that is perfect for you. We can assist with the bid and tender process from start to finish, ensuring that you are happy every step of the way.

    How We Can Help Your IT Support Tenders

    IT support has a reputation for being meticulous and efficient, with technical knowledge and a strong attention to detail. That’s why we want your tender applications to reflect these qualities too.


    It can be especially important to create a professional and conscientious impression on paper at this early stage. But we appreciate that is not always easy. The process can quickly become complex and stressful. There can be many criteria to meet and deadlines at short notice.


    We understand the importance of this process and also know that it doesn’t have to be difficult. Together, we can ensure that you feel confident, in control, and put your best foot forward in every application.


    Our services and solutions are simple, affordable, and tailored to you. Why not get in touch today and see how we can help?


    Whether you need help writing bids and tenders, whether you wish to identify the best opportunities and clients in your industry and search for open tenders, if you want to review or overhaul your in-house bid writing processes, or even train staff in bid writing from scratch — we have a solution for you.


    Our friendly and experienced team are fully trained in this specialism. We are proud to have secured over £1 billion in extra work for our clients, and we want to help your business secure more work.


    We work across a wide variety of industries and sectors, including the public, private and third sectors. However simple or complex your needs, and whatever the size of your business, we are confident that we have a solution for you.


    For optimising existing processes, overhauling your bid and tender approach, crafting applications, or identifying the best opportunities, we can handle it all for you.

    IT Support Tenders and Our Additional Services

    If your business offers IT support and you are keen to secure extra work through bids and tenders, we can help. At Bid & Tender Support, we don’t just assist with the main body of the bidding process and application writing. We are there every step of the way.


    We can begin, for example, with our Bid Search Service — identifying the best opportunities in your industry that we feel your business could pursue. We can then help you meet all the necessary compliance checks and criteria, crafting a persuasive and effective application that stands out from the competition.


    We can also review any existing processes you may have in place for bid and tender writing, optimising them and even training your staff.


    Our innovative software can also streamline the entire process by keeping deadlines, documents, certificates, and more in one easy to reach place.


    Whatever your business needs, we would be delighted to discuss your options with you.

    Our Experience

    We are proud to have a win rate of over 85%, securing masses of additional work for clients across a range of industries.


    Our experienced and knowledgeable team are specialists. They have years of knowledge of the processes and frameworks in bid and tender applications, and can help simplify and streamline the whole process.


    We have worked across a variety of sectors with businesses of all sizes. We are confident that we have a solution to your bid and tender writing needs, however simple or complex.


    Our team are professional, knowledgeable, and equipped with the experience to handle anything the bid and tender process might throw your way. Allow us to make the process feel easy, transparent, and completely in your control.

    Finding Out More

    We would love to assist you in finding solutions for your bid and tender writing needs.


    You can contact our friendly advisors at any time to discuss your needs and any queries you may have. To speak to a team member in person, why not give us a call on 01908 382414.


    Alternatively, you can email us your enquiry on info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk. You can also fill out our quick and convenient online enquiry form on the Contact Us page, and we will endeavour to be back in touch shortly.


    We also offer a completely free 1 hour consultation service! This is your opportunity to discuss your needs with a team member and get a strong sense of what we can do for you. We also have a simple and rapid Quick Quote option that allows you to see what services may cost.


    Both of these handy options can be found on the Home page, and take just a few minutes to complete.


    If you’re not quite ready to get in touch, you can browse helpful sections on our website to get more information and answers to your questions.


    Our Services page shows you the services we offer and some of the ways we are currently helping clients. All our services can also be tweaked and tailor-made to suit you and your business for a totally bespoke package.


    Our pages on Case Studies and our Blog also shows you what we have recently worked on and offers insights into our industry. As you’ll see, we have helped clients from a wide range of industries including construction, entertainment, events, technology and more. We could help you too!


    At Bid and Tender Support, we craft some of the leading IT support tenders in the UK. So if you’d like a professional IT tender writing service to win you more business, give us a call!
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