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      Online Tender Course: How To Win Work Through Tenders

      How To Win Work Through Tenders


      Our Online Course Will Show You How To Win Tenders Through Consistent, Repeatable Methods

      Course Introduction


      How To Win Work Through Tenders covers every element of tendering that we know makes the difference between winning and losing. This online course is a collection of advice, examples, strategies and templates you can take away and use in your business.


      It is important to understand the whole bid process and how each stage contributes to the likelihood of success. This understanding also enables you to invest your time and resources into the right places.



      Objectives Of The Course


      – Provide an outline of the elements that make up the tender process. Making tendering accessible to all, we demystify the tender process and highlight key points which turn bids into winning opportunities.


      – Understanding the process is one of the largest barriers to people participating successfully in tendering



      Who The Course Is For


      – This course is tailored to individuals across diverse stages of tendering within their organisations.


      Whether you’re a newcomer to the tendering process, contemplating your first venture into this realm, or a seasoned business owner aiming to steer your organisation and team through the intricacies of tendering, this course provides invaluable insights and guidance.


      – Even if completing bids isn’t your primary role, perhaps as a Director of the business who frequently finds themselves allocated tendering responsibilities alongside their day-to-day duties, this course equips you with the necessary knowledge and strategies to excel.


      – Furthermore, if you’re a dedicated Bid Professional seeking to enhance your win rate, refine your skills, and stay abreast of industry best practices, this course is designed to meet your needs.

      What Will We Cover/Modules

      • Module 1 – Help you build a Bid Strategy that aligns with your business goals
      • Module 2 – Getting Bid Fit, when the first tender lands your running shoes should already be on
      • Module 3 – Find tenders that match your criteria and improve your chance of winning
      • Module 4 – Planning and Management of the Bid Process
      • Module 5 – Content Planning
      • Module 6 – Easy methods to use to write winning content
      • Module 7 – Using Bid Reviews to maximise and elevate your scores
      • Module 8 – Commercials, Submission and Beyond

      The Format Of Learning

      This online course uses a blend of resources including videos, key takeaway documents, templates, supporting materials, and on-screen demonstrations of essential tools and processes. With the flexibility to progress through the content at your own pace, you’ll also benefit from direct access to our team for personalised guidance and support.


      Whether you have questions or need one-on-one advice during or after your learning journey, our team are here to assist you. Plus, you’ll enjoy access to the course content for a full 12 months, ensuring ample time to absorb, apply and revisit the valuable insights gained.

      What Next?

      In June 2024, we will be launching The Bid Club – a bid industry monthly CPD membership. As a member of our learning community – you will receive updates and invites to the Launch.


      The membership will include an online monthly meet up, industry speakers covering key topics such as GDPR, Information Security, Social Value, EDI, Carbon Reduction plans, Compliance, Accreditations, Writing Skills, Review Exercises and much more.


      Within each monthly session there will be an opportunity to network and meet other industry professionals in smaller breakout groups as well as a monthly deep dive into solving day to day bid challenges faced by members of the The Bid Club.


      Call us on: 01908 382 414