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    Bid Writing Agencies

    The Value and Purpose of Bid Writing Agencies

    Bid writing agencies are now being used by businesses in a variety of sectors and industries. Whether they are large corporations, independent retailers, charities or somewhere in between, bid writing agencies can simply help them win more work.
    The marketplace is arguably more crowded and competitive than ever before. Winning work is vital for a business to survive and thrive, but it can be complex and time-consuming.


    Bid writing agencies supply bid writers and tender support to help make this process smoother, simpler, and more effective. Here at Bid and Tender Support, for example, we are delighted to have won our clients over 1 billion pounds in additional revenue.

    What Do Bid Writing Agencies Do?

    A bid writing agency will liaise with potential clients and supply experienced professional bid writers to assist with — or completely manage — the bidding process.


    This may mean identifying potential tenders, writing proposals, streamlining application processes, creating pitches and presentations, and more. Some bid writing agencies also offer training and courses so that businesses can handle their bid writing in-house more effectively.


    Our industry-leading training and courses at Bid and Tender Support are trusted by clients across a range of sectors. Our bid writers also have a wealth of combined experience and can adapt to suit your needs and win you more work.

    Below is a list of Industries we have considerable experience both with sourcing Tenders and Writing/Reviewing/Managing Responses:

    • Building Maintenance
    • Business Services Tenders
    • Construction Tenders
    • Grounds Maintenance Tenders
    • Heating & Gas Maintenance
    • IT Tenders
    • NHS Tenders
    • Printing & Signage Tenders
    • Professional Services Tenders
    • Social Care Tenders
    • Waste & Recycling Tenders
    • Road Safety Tenders
    • Marketing & Media Tenders
    • Plumbing & Drainage Tenders
    • Recruitment Tenders
    • Building & Engineering Service Tenders
    • Financial & Protection Tenders
    • Solar Panels & Energy Tenders
    • Education Tenders
    • Health & Wellbeing Tenders
    • Social Housing Tenders
    • Data & Technology Tenders

    Why Should You Use A Bid Writing Agency?

    Bid writing agencies are ideal for businesses who are seeking to take on more work. A bid writing agency can help you to identify potential clients, tenders, and new contracts, and to craft an application to stand out from your competitors.


    Bid writing agencies also have specialist knowledge in the field. At Bid & Tender Support, we use industry standard software to craft applications and bids, as well as a tender search service to identify the best opportunities.


    Without the assistance of professionals, these processes can be costly and time-consuming. A bid writing agency can help ensure that it stays cost-effective and is ultimately an investment when it wins more work for your business.


    We have an impressive 85% win rate for our clients, and our ambition means we are always keen to build on it.


    Another reason to use bid writing agencies is that it outsources one of the most vital but time-consuming aspects of the business — finding and securing more work. This leaves you and your business free to focus on other key areas such as training, marketing, strategy and more.

    How Bid & Tender Support Can Help

    We would be delighted to discuss a bespoke bid and tender support for your business.


    We are confident that we can help make your bid writing process efficient and successful. But if you are still unsure how we could assist you, why not arrange one of our complimentary one-hour consultations?


    You can chat with one of our friendly and professional advisors to find a solution that suits you. Perhaps you have a specific project or contract in mind, or else want assistance to identify the best opportunities. You may also wish to train your staff or develop an in-house team.


    Whatever your needs, our years of experience in the professional bid writing industry means that we can help.

    Our Services

    We offer a wide range of services that are suitable for a variety of clients. We can also tailor the experience to suit your individual business needs or address a specific challenge you are facing.


    We offer a search service that identifies the best opportunities and potential work for our clients, with a strong track record to improve win rates and save clients their vital time.


    Our team of experienced bid writers can deliver persuasive and effective proposals, tenders, and bid documents to industry standard — designed to elevate you above the competition.


    We offer a bid review service that will assess and improve your current bids, raising your quality score and ensuring compliance, giving you the best possible chance of winning those all-important contracts.


    We can also work closely with you and your team to develop a bespoke bid plan and strategy, whether for a specific project or to develop in-house bid writing techniques that your team can use again and again to win more work.


    We also offer a comprehensive support service that allows you to stay in touch with us. Our team are always easy to reach and happy to answer your queries and questions.


    At Bid and Tender Support, we also like to connect our clients with some of the very best in the business through our network of approved partners and associates.


    These include experts in writing business plans and action plans, human resources, content management systems, investment proposals, business development consultancy and more. Once you become our valued client, we ensure you have access to all the resources you need.

    Who We Have Worked With

    We believe our client testimonials and range of experience speaks for itself.


    We have successfully secured more work and funding for a variety of businesses across almost every industry.


    We have helped clients to make a success of their business in areas such as construction, web design, cleaning, healthcare, recruitment, catering, event management, film production and more.


    Whether you are a business seeking clients, a charity seeking funding, or have an event that needs support, we are poised and ready to help.


    Our wide variety of experience means that we have some of the most adaptable and effective professionals in the business. Why not get in touch to see how we could help you today?


    You can request a free Quick Quote on our website, call us on 01908 382414, or email us at info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk. For the most up to date information on our activities, visit our blog or stay connected with us on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    At Bid and Tender Support, we have some of the leading bid writers in the UK. So if you need a professional bid writing agency to help you win more business, give us a call!

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