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      Bid Review

      Bid Review and Health Checks


      Our bid review service looks at your current methods of bidding and tendering for work, to identify areas of weakness and improvements that need to be made.


      This is a cost effective way for businesses to refresh their working practices and obtain an external perspective on where changes are necessary.


      This can be applied to previous submissions to understand where marks have been lost and if improvements can be made.

      Bid Reviews


      In order to maximise your Quality Score, ensure Compliance and gain competitive edge, a Bid Review can prove a sound investment to support your Team to improve the overall quality and presentation of your Bid Response. Our process for Bid Reviews can be remote services or incorporated into your Red Team Reviews.


      Bid Reviews can be completed on documents we have had no prior involvement with or as a final stage to our work before submission. No matter how much time you have left until the Deadline we can assure you our Bid Review Service will add value and improve your bid.


      Our Bid Review service is used by a wide range of businesses across the UK; these range from SMEs to Multi-National Organisations.

      The Bid Review Approach can be tailored to your requirements but typically there are two different ways we complete our work:


      1. Provide feedback and comments on the text for you to review and implement improvements.


      2. Review and Implement required changes as we go using Tracked Changes so you can see the work done.


      Taking the time to carry out an effective Bid Review can be the difference between a compliant and non-compliant bid; we check for errors and incomplete answers which may result in a fail.

      The Benefits of Our Bid Review Service


      Do you work long and hard on your bids, but keep falling short at the final hurdle?


      The margins between successful bids which win you business, and unsuccessful ones which allow your competitors to pick up the work instead, can be very small indeed.


      This is where our bid review service can make a substantial difference to your company.


      By using our carefully developed processes, systematically forged through years of experience, we will carefully analyse your bids in minute detail, to determine each of their strengths and weaknesses.


      Importantly, we can identify the factors present in your bid which are causing you to miss out on contracts, and show you how to fix them.


      This will make your bids significantly more competitive, and give you a much greater chance to secure the work you’re bidding on.


      Our methodical approach to the bid review process means we will leave no stone unturned in finding ways to improve your bids and win you more business.


      Often, us helping our clients to win just a small percentage more of the contracts they’re bidding on, can deliver them an outstanding return on their investment.

      At Bid and Tender Support, we offer some of the leading bid review services in the UK. So if you’re looking to get your bidding process professionally reviewed to help you win more business, give us a call!

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