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      Bid Search Service

      Our monthly Tender Search Service identifies suitable opportunities in the market for you to submit a Tender for. Our System scans the entire UK market and takes computer generated results and applies another level of sorting to ensure only opportunities which meet your criteria are sent for your attention.

      Our Bid Search Service has proven over the last 12 months to save Clients time and improve win rates. By outsourcing this we can help you grow your business, through the selection of appropriate Tenders.


      Search Criteria will be determined by your offering, preferences, turnover, target markets, previous experience, specialisms and growth strategy.


      You will receive regular updates on our Search work and as soon as an opportunity meets your criteria we will send it onto you to make the final ‘Bid-No-Bid’ decision.

      £150 + VAT per month

      The Tender Search Service is charged out on a monthly basis and is not subject to any minimum term contracts. It therefore provides a flexible option to methodically monitoring the market and identifying Tender Opportunities.

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