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      You’re all going on a Summer Holiday!

      You’re all going on a Summer Holiday!

      With Schools out for the summer, record temperatures predicted and holiday season on us, it can be challenging managing all the requests for leave whilst still meeting the needs of your business.

      Good news, we’re here all summer so if one of those challenges is completing your bids over the next 6 weeks with less resources – we can help!

      We’ve also put together are our top 5 tips for surviving the summer!

      1. Have a flexible approach – For those employees with children the summer holidays come with the challenge of sorting childcare. With this in mind where possible offer the opportunity of flexible working hours. Allowing employees to consolidate hours/ amend start and finish times will hopefully help to reduce the number of holiday days, not only for those with children but those wanting to make the most of the weather.


      1. Be kind to yourself – As the summer holidays hit, a number of businesses close or reduce their level of activity. Remember that it is ok to do this, if you are lucky enough to work within a sector that can do this, take advantage and recharge those batteries – guilt free!  Do the things that are urgent, and leave on time and enjoy the summer sun (it might not last!).


      1. Plan – get a plan together of holidays and work load and then plan who can cover different tasks and what needs to be done when. A shared calendar is a great way of everyone being kept up to date!


      1. Get help – no matter how much you plan, it may be as simple as the only way to get through the summer is to ask for help. This could as simple as a temp for a few days to outsourced tasks such as call answering, marketing and bid writing. No matter what you need you will probably find that some else has needed them before and there is a business out there for you.


      1. Treat yourself – From buying a few ice creams to allowing the odd early finish on those quieter days these gestures and treats all mean positive things to your employees. Make sure when you are looking after everyone else you take some time out to treat yourself!


      So don’t forget to enjoy the summer, soak up much needed Vitamin D, take some time out and relax. Remember if you need any support with your Bids and Tenders over the next few weeks or even longer term, please contact us and let us take away some of that holiday stress.