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      Writing high scoring Case Studies and References

      Writing high scoring Case Studies and References

      In most bid writing you spend most of the time looking to the future telling prospective clients how you will be achieving things, when you will do them and whilst you can back this up with your current processes and policies the only real time you get to show your proven record is with Case Studies.

      A case study allows you to show off your reputation and prove that you can achieve all that you have promised in the rest of the bid.  It is important that your case studies sign, there is no point writing one if you don’t back it up with the facts.  There would be no point in going to the races if horses didn’t have previous form and breeding history for you to look at.

      When writing a Case it is best to follow the same process each time.

      • Relevance – pick a case study that relates to the bid you are writing, a job that has similar requirements/ innovation that the prospective client would be interested in.
      • Research – understand the project fully, if you are not sure speak to someone who does.
      • Success and Failure– make sure you include any problems you had and the solutions you found.
      • Improvements – any learnings that you have taken away and then made changes.
      • Quality assurance – Refer to project KPI’s and checks that again show evidence that relates to the bid you are writing.


      Always remember who you are writing for and what you really want the take away message to be and keep this in mind.  Keep these simple questions in mind…

      Who – you did it for AND who you are writing for.

      When – you did it AND is it recent enough for your prospective client.

      What – you did AND what you want to get across.

      Why – you did it AND why it is relevant.

      How- you did it AND how this relates to this bid.