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      Work Experience

      Work Experience

      At Bid & Tender Support we are always keen to get involved in the local community and have had a number of local students complete work experience with us.

      Katy Berrill, our Director is always keen to give them a full overview of the business and give them a project to work on during their time with us.  At the beginning of February we had a Bedford Sixth Form student join us for a week.

      Ensuring that they got the most from the week Katy had been in touch to find out what subjects they were working on and the key areas they were interested in.  This allowed us to plan the activities for the week, which started off with our weekly catch up meeting and then spending time shadowing each member of the team to get an overview of the business.

      During the week we asked the student to keep a diary of their week so we could use this feedback for future work experience students.

      Feedback from our Student:

      During my week I have been given a number of tasks to complete, including Testing Process Narratives, completing a website review, creating a marketing plan and researching companies to target for the search service. These tasks have helped my understanding of how a business runs in a niche market.

      This work experience has massively helped me understand how a business is run and how Bid and Tender Support work to maximise their time by working productively and efficiently. I have gone from not knowing anything about what Bid and Tender Support does to fully understanding how they work to be as efficient as possible by optimising their time usage and ensuring they maximise their profits as a result.