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      Why You Shouldn’t Use AI Tools To Write Your Bid Proposals

      Why You Shouldn’t Use AI Tools To Write Your Bid Proposals


      AI tools such as ChatGPT are rapidly becoming used in a wide range of industries for formulating content at a fast rate.

      AI is now used for a wide variety of business tasks, from creating marketing content to generating code. As such, it seems logical that it could be used for writing bids and tenders too – but while AI offers time-savings and efficiency, this can come at the cost of the quality of your bid proposals.

      In this article, we’ll explore why AI tools shouldn’t be relied upon for creating bids, and outline how hiring a professional bid writing service instead can offer a higher standard of work and improve your bid management process while saving you time and effort.


      Why AI Tools Aren’t Appropriate For Bid Writing


      Poor Interpretation

      Many questions found in tenders can be vague and may need interpretation using contextual information to give an accurate answer that hits your buyer’s criteria.

      But an AI tool does not have access to the background knowledge and context that your team are privy to, which may lead it to create a response that uses the right keywords, but does not answer the questions posed by your buyer.


      Generic Responses

      In order to persuade your buyer that your company can offer the best solution, you need to connect with them on a human level – a skill that an AI tool does not have.

      Your buyer doesn’t just want a generic answer to their question: they want to know about you and your business – i.e. your skills, expertise, plan of action, and core values.

      An AI tool is not a mind-reading device; it won’t understand how your company works, your company ethos, or your specific plan for each project, meaning these aspects will not be adequately communicated in an AI-generated bid proposal.


      Lack Of Unique Solutions

      Because AI does not understand the specifics of your business or what value it offers, it is largely unable to provide a personalised solution to your buyer’s requirements that emphasises your company’s key features.

      A ‘generic’ tender submission that fails to offer the buyer an innovative and tailor-made solution is unlikely to impress, and will struggle to stand out from your competition. This can cause your tender submission to be discarded in the early stages of your buyer’s review process, resulting in failed bids.


      Does Not Communicate Your Qualities

      Due to AI’s lack of knowledge about your business and the team within it, it is unable to outline your specific skills and experience. This can make your company appear unqualified and less professional to the reader.

      Only you and your team can properly explain the expertise you have, the skills you possess, and the qualifications you have earned. Therefore, by not including your own personal knowledge and insights in your bid, an AI-generated tender can fail to portray your company as a legitimate option for the contract being bid on.


      Data Protection Issues

      One of the ways that AI tool users overcome the issues with AI technology that we’ve discussed is to input specific information and data into their dialogue with the tool to make the response more personal.

      However, this strategy risks confidential information being breached in the event of a data leak, security flaw, or hack, which can put your company at risk of legal repercussions and having your trade secrets exposed for all the world to see.


      Easy To Identify

      If there are multiple bidders submitting tenders that have very similar responses or use the same style of language, it can be simple for the buyer to identify that AI is the culprit. Similarly, there are now several ‘AI Detector’ programmes available online that make it easy for AI writing to be flagged up.

      If your buyer establishes that AI has been used for your tender submission, they may view this as untrustworthy behaviour or even ‘cheating’, and as a result your tender submission may be removed from the application process.

      Not to mention that having a bid proposal which looks, reads, and feels much the same as the other AI-generated submissions that the buyer receives will not help you grab their attention!


      Legal And Compliance

      Legislation, regulations, and guidance from statutory bodies are ever-changing, and it can be difficult even for human professionals to keep up with the evolving trends in their industry.

      But as AI models are trained on existing data sets that may not be up to date with recent developments – and since the bulk of information they’ll be working from will relate to circumstances that have now changed – AI tools can lack knowledge of which laws have recently been introduced, amended, or removed.

      This means they can make errors or omissions when attempting to demonstrate that you are compliant with all the current requirements and regulations of your industry, which can lead to you submitting non-compliant bids that are immediately discarded by the buyer.


      Why Use A Professional Bid Writing Service Instead?

      If you need a professional standard tender document that is factually accurate, grammatically correct, spell-checked, and delivered quickly, it is not sensible to rely on AI.

      A professional bid writing service can offer you all the advantages of AI tools, while keeping your tender submission unique, relevant to your business, focused on your strengths and key qualities, and accurate in the key areas of legal regulations and compliance.

      For example, at Bid And Tender Support we offer:


      • High-quality tender submissions written and proofread by experienced professionals
      • Personalised tender responses based on your company ethos, aims, and brand identity
      • Experience in legal, compliance, and data protection issues
      • Bid strategy and planning reviews
      • A confidential service
      • Fast turnaround times
      • Ongoing bid management support
      • Bid review services to improve your Quality Score and ensure compliance
      • Outstanding customer service


      To learn more about our services, call 01908 382 414 to speak to a member of our friendly team!

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