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      What is Content Planning?

      What is Content Planning?

      As with any written content whether it’s for a Blog, Case Study, Website, Social Media post, Magazine, Article, Newspaper, PR piece , Book or  Tender you need to have a plan for what you want and need to include.

      Content planning happens before you start the process of writing, it is an excellent tool for ensuring that you stay on track when writing your response and also useful as a management tool when reviewing the content.

      Benefits of using Content Plans

      • Structure – Provide a base for the structure of the response for those writing the bid to use.
      • Proposals – highlights what you are proposing to offer.
      • Communicates – with everyone the winning themes that have been decided on for a specific tender.
      • Reviews – Provides a document to use when reviewing content.
      • Compliance – ensures that you have met all the requirements of the tender.
      • Consistency– having a document to refer back to will help to ensure the same message throughout.

      Most importantly , make sure that your content plan is written in line with the client requirements and your solution to meeting those requirements. The more detail and structure given to the content plan, the easier the whole writing and review process is for those involved. The result is well constructed, compliant and high scoring responses.