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      What is a Red Team Review?

      What is a Red Team Review?

      Red Team Reviews are probably a term that we have all heard of but, do we fully understand this and what it means? Our blog demystifies what a Red Team Review actually involves.

      Throughout the bid writing process your responses will be checked and reviewed a number of times.   When they reach the Red Team Review you will have written your responses and completed any questionnaires and forms.   The Red Team will need to be made up of a manager or senior team member to review the Bid, they will need to have a full understanding of the tender and its requirements.  Their role will be to:

      • Check the content against the mark scheme, does it answer the question?
      • Is it easy for the assessor to find the answers, does it use headings from the mark scheme to make it easy.
      • Research – does the response show that you have read the spec and understand the buyer and what they are looking for. It is very easy to fall into the copy and paste generic response trap.
      • Is there evidence of experience?
      • Are the benefits of your company shining off the paper? Will this beat the competition

      Once the review has been made it is time to send back to the writer for amends and suggestions and then the final amends can be made ready for a pre-submission review.


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