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    What do you use to make a bid-no-bid decision?

    What do you use to make a bid-no-bid decision?

    We often talk about making bid-no-bid decisions: are you bid fit, can you meet the criteria, but how do you go about making these all important decisions. We have put together a simple matrix that will take out the personal aspect and look at the facts with a simple ranking system:

    We would recommend scoring each of the following questions out of 10 to give you a decision score total at the end. On a scale of 1-5, where 1 is 100% confident and 5 is not at all confident, where you fit into this scale.

    • Understand – can you meet all the requirements? Do you know what they are looking for?
    • Resources – Do you have the resource to complete the bid?
    • Qualifications, Accreditations and experience – Do you meet the criteria?
    • Response – Can you meet the specification?
    • Timeline – Can you meet the deadline, do you have the time to complete the bid?
    • Reviews – Do you have someone to complete a review with you
    • Contract – Can you meet the terms and conditions

    You will now have a mark out of 35,

    Anything below 17  is probably a no go as far as going for a bid as it is very much a long shot. However, this exercise gives you the areas you are weak in and therefore areas to focus on for improvement.