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      What characteristics make an excellent bid writer?

      What characteristics make an excellent bid writer?

      Whether you are a seasoned Bid Writer, Content Writer or are completely new to the world of tendering there is always room for improvement when it comes to being productive with your writing time. We have shared our top tips to what makes an excellent Bid Writer


      • Research, Research, Research! Read the client requirements, find out as much as you can. Once you are armed with the information, facts and client requirements you can spend your writing time covering those points well. Rather than writing great text which is not relevant or has no significance to what the client asked you for.


      • Keep it Simple – Don’t waste time trying to think up fancy ways to write a basic sentence, each word doesn’t need to go through a Thesaurus. Speak in Plain English and you will be understood. Get too clever and you’ll lose your reader very quickly!


      • Avoid Writers Block – Have a Content Plan from the start. This can be as simple as a few key bullets you want to cover, and then write around these. You could also do a Question by Question Plan with sub-headings and bullets of points to get across which are important. By using a Framework you will get into your flow for writing quickly.


      • Use diagrams and mind maps to get the key points together for your content plan. Sometimes lists don’t work and you need to draw, scribble and annotate!


      • Don’t go it alone – Always ask someone to support you in reviewing your written work before you submit or send, they can just proof read for errors but you could also ask them to give constructive feedback if they feel the answer doesn’t match the question or they feel information/the message has been missed.


      • If you start off with a lot of notes, keep them on file. You may edit your response right down, but those notes may be useful for future work.


      • Go for it! Write with confidence and the words will come naturally, don’t overthink what you are doing!