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      What are your New Years resolutions?

      What are your New Years resolutions?

      With another year upon us, the New Year resolutions are popping up everywhere.  From businesses promises, to deals to entice you to book holidays or join the gym, in your social media news feeds its hard to escape them.   Whilst it can be annoying and many of them will not stick, the idea of having a re-think at the start of the year and putting an action plan together isn’t a bad one.

      Stand back and have a look at your business, and ask yourself, what is holding us back? How can we be better in 2020? How can we lose some fat and streamline our practices to make us more efficient?

      ‘Passion is energy.  Feel the Power that comes from focusing on what excites you.’ Oprah Winfrey

      Taking a look at your business can help you to regroup and to focus on what you want to achieve. A new approach could help your business meet new heights of success. Also focus on your team, how can you help them be the best they can, ensure they are focused and excited about their job.

      So whilst we aren’t suggesting you completely ban the biscuits or buy gym equipment for the office or even book holidays for your team or change your business processes completely.  It is definitely worth looking at the things you do all the time and if you can give them a refresh, remember you get out what you put in.

      Where is your focus going to be for 2020? Take your marketing plan and look at what you can change to capture a wider audience.  Make the changes small and ones that can be stuck to, in a months time you want to still be doing them.  It could be as simple as making sure you get up from your desk every hour and move around, to developing a new way of communicating news in house.

      Whatever your business or personal resolutions are for 2020 make sure that you make them ones you can achieve, so that when you look back on 2020 you can truly say 2020 was the best yet and I achieved my aims.