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      Walking our Socks off

      Walking our Socks off

      Next week, the whole team Katy Berrill, Clara-Jane Hoare, Lesley Hotham, Catriona Cook and Julia Hepburn will be walking our socks off.

      We will be taking on the challenge to walk 100,000 steps each over a week to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind’s as part of the ‘Walk your Socks Off ‘campaign.

      This year we are sponsoring a Guide Dog Puppy called Milo and to help support his progress and enable him to graduate a fully fledged Guide Dog it costs £5 per day to support his training and development.

      Just £95 could buy a training school kit for Milo’s trainer to teach the special skills he will need as fully qualified guide dog.

      Any donation would be greatly appreciated and will help us reach our target of £400!