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    Toilet Rolls for Parliament… Can you help?

    Toilet Rolls for Parliament… Can you help?

    We run a Tender Search Service on a daily basis for over 20 clients where we search for new tender opportunities against specific requirements for our clients.  A daily report is then emailed over so you can make a decision on whether to proceed. If you wish to take over at this point you can or we can take all the pain away for you and register for full information – wrestle with the portal – and support you completing a compliant tender.

    Lesley runs the Search Service and comes across a number of more unique and niche opportunities that are put out for tender.   The challenge can be actually working out what exactly the contract is for, before we decided which Client to send it to!

    We have seen it all from Christmas Lighting, Provision of Toilet Rolls to Transporting Stools…..along with the standard construction, consultancy, health care and support service contracts.

    Over the past few weeks we have kept a record of some of the more ‘interesting’ tenders currently out there, if you provide any of these services – we’d love to hear from you!!

    • Catching Red-Throated Divers in Shetland
    • Primrose Lodge Fish Pass
    • Pudding Supplies Supply pies and tarts
    • Incinerator Bottom Ash Tender
    • Penguin Bath Seat

    You may be thinking this is just another April Fools post – and to a point you would be right – but the contracts listed above are real and we’d love to write the tenders for them! If you are interested in challenging our Team in writing about a very niche unique service, then this is the sort of thing we love to do.  Contact us on info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk or call 01908 382414.