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    Supporting Charities at Christmas

    Supporting Charities at Christmas

    We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Clients a Happy and Healthy Christmas.  This year has been a different one, for many it has been a challenging and difficult, at this time of year when we set about writing Christmas cards and wrapping presents our thoughts turned to those who may be struggling at this time.  This year instead of sending gifts and cards to our Clients we have decided to support a variety of causes and charities, through donations of money or items.

    Each team member has selected a cause that means something to them; here are the causes we chose and why.

    Herrings Green Farm

    Clara chose Herrings Green Activity Farm & Bird of Prey Centre because she has spent many happy hours there learning about and flying their stunning birds of prey alongside their knowledgeable and friendly staff. The work they do in conserving these majestic (and some endangered) creatures is so important, along with the farm animals on the site. This year has been particularly hard as their main source of income (tourism, courses and experience days) has all but dried up through lockdown, but the need to feed and maintain animal and bird health still continues.



    Milton Keynes Cancer Garden

    Lesley chose the Aiden & Claire Chapmans fundraising efforts to raise money to fully landscape the garden area outside the Milton Keynes Cancer Centre. After reading a LinkedIn post about what the family.  They have had an awful year with the husband having lots of ill health, but they still put others first by raising money to design and build a garden for other cancer patients to enjoy whilst they are in MKGH.



    Winter Night Shelter

    Julia Selected to support the Winter Night Shelter in Milton Keynes.  Homelessness is a massive issue in Milton Keynes. The Winter Night Shelter helps many people not only with a hot meal and a safe place to stay every night through the winter months but they also work with them in getting ID , doctors appointments, jobs and a permanent place to live and finally call home. A step in the right direction towards getting their lives back on track.



    Olney is Kind

    Based in our town, Olney is Kind is a support group set up to help people and families who are struggling financially.  They work with local social working teams and organisations to ensure none one goes hungry and struggles alone. Katy chose to support this as it directly supports the communities we work in and a number of the team live in.



    Theatre Artists Fund

    The theatre industry is one of many industries who have been impacted heavily during this pandemic, with the end a long way away.  So many people out of work from actors and actresses to the backstage, lighting, wardrobe, and wig departments. Cat selected to support the Theatre support as her sister and brother-in-law work in Theatre and TV and have seen firsthand the devastating effect this year has had on this industry.



    The Forest of Marston Vale

    Jane chose The Forest of Marston Vale because of the excellent work they do in repairing damaged land, planting trees to help combat climate change, creating habitats for a whole host of creatures, and also because it’s a beautiful place to visit and walk round.  She is absolutely passionate about environmental issues, so the sponsorship of each of the five Habitats, Grassland, Hedgerow, Ponds & Lakes, Reedbed and Woodland has made her extremely happy.



    We have continued to support Guide dogs for the Blind with our monthly sponsorship of Milo, the Guide dog in training and Mike our Dogs Trust sponsored dog.