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      Strength in Numbers

      Strength in Numbers

      By Louise Lewis, May 16th 2016

      Sometimes it can be tough on small business owners, with the responsibility for finances, operations, marketing and overall strategy and management falling on their shoulders; as the company, grows, it’s important to be able to delegate elements of this without losing control of the quality or meaning of what you set out to deliver. As well expanding in numbers of staff, it is also important to look to other sources of ‘numbers’ to add strength to your team and business without taking on the additional expenses associated with recruiting.

      We have found it to be enormously beneficial to collaborate with other businesses on projects, creating a network of tried and trusted Associates. Joining forces enables us to pool ideas, resources and expertise to create a Team able to handle the complexities and pressures of more complicated Projects.

      Networking has also proven to be a great way of benefiting from the principle ‘Strength in Numbers’, through regular networking, relationships and trust are built and off the back of this Referrals passed and a sense of community and team is achieved. Power groups within networking groups joins businesses with a common purpose or market to super-charge everyone in the group to grow.

      Last but not least, Clients. The more Clients you have the more stable your business, it is never good practice to have one Client which dominates your time, income and resource. Although great whilst you have it, if you were to lose that one Client the results could be catastrophic. By maintaining a healthy balance of different sized Clients from a wide spectrum of industries it reduces the impact changes in legislation, market booms and busts and general economic pressures can have. For this reason Organisations often look to the Public Sector within their Client Portfolio. By securing a place on a 3-5 year contract or Framework with an agreed spend is a useful growth position and strategy as well as providing stability in an otherwise unpredictable fast paced commercial world.