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      Skills Shortage Critical in Construction Industry

      Skills Shortage Critical in Construction Industry

      Recently on a BBC news report, it was stated that according to a poll conducted by Scape Group, the skills shortage in the Construction industry is at breaking point, with lack of experienced staff not only severely impacting the quality of what is being built but also the ability to build on a budget.

      According to figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently, it showed wages were growing at 8.4 per cent a year for construction workers, the fastest pace since 2001, and more than three times’ the 2.4 per cent annual growth for the average UK worker yet, the number of people working in the industry, at 2.3m, is still down on pre-crisis levels with the skills shortage being most acute in the public sector, where 80 per cent of companies stating their budgets were being affected by the difficulty to find staff.

      Bridging the construction skills gap is difficult to achieve but with firms across the supply chain requesting better advertising of government projects and contracts to showcase the career potential within the industry and by taking on trainees, apprentices and graduates or partnering up with Universities could be an answer.

      Basic recommendations can be put into place to ease the burden, for example 19% of contractors and subcontractors still don’t have an apprenticeship scheme in place.

      With shortages across the industry, offering training and employment opportunities within many different sectors could enable the crisis to be elevated and more work to be won.

      Here at Bid & Tender Support our Search Service helps contractors and subcontractors with identifying suitable government projects and contracts. With Bid Writers listed as one of the business areas experiencing a skills shortage, it may be that Outsourcing the Bid Management and Writing Function is a viable option for many. To find out more on how we can help call: 01908 382414 or email