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      Seminar on ‘How to find and win work in the Public Sector’

      Seminar on ‘How to find and win work in the Public Sector’

      Following on from last year’s successful one hour Seminar for the Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce for Companies looking at tendering for the first time or brushing up their tender process we are running another Seminar this month. On Monday 16th September, at Grant Thornton’s offices in Milton Keynes, Bid & Tender Support’s Director Katy Berrill, will be running a One hour ‘Tendering Best Practice’ seminar.

      With the tender process being highly competitive, complex and time consuming, Katy will be offering some ways to make the process more manageable, as well as lifting some of the fog that can surround the tender process which puts people off attempting them.

      If you are interested in attending, please see the details on the MK Chamber website