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      Securing call off contracts once on a Framework

      Securing call off contracts once on a Framework

      One question we are asked by many clients is what happens once I’m on a Framework. How do I get work?

      It’s a good question and an area that many companies fail to consider the actions required once a Framework place has been secured to ensure you actually get some work out of the arrangement.

      In a recent blog we shared details on what a Framework is and how best to get onto one. We’ll now talk about what happens once you get that letter of confirmation that you have secured a place on a Framework.

      We’d like to help you avoid collecting places on Frameworks, sitting on them for years and not ever delivering any work as a result of them – thus wasting your time and money in completing the process in the first place.

      Our top tips are:

      • Make sure you are getting onto relevant Frameworks in the first place so once on them you are interested in the work that is offered up as contracts.
      • Identify the best point of contact to keep in touch with and take every opportunity to relationship build with them. They may offer a structure for this or ask that you update them at specific intervals.
      • You may be asked to price individual jobs on the Framework called mini competition, give these your full attention and consideration. The more helpful and informative you are the better impression you will give, and you are more likely to be invited to do the same on others.
      • Always ask for feedback if you do not win a mini competition to work out how to improve on your position and win future works.
      • Check that everything you said you had accreditation wise during the initial Framework procurement process is kept up to date throughout the life of the Framework. If you let something lapse and they then approach you for works, not being accredited may stop them from awarding you work. The same goes for insurance levels and other compliance related licenses.
      • Keep in touch with your subcontractor network, so should you need them to price something for a Framework you have a relationship to call on and get a prompt response. There is nothing worse than being ready to submit your price for a mini competition or call-off contract but you are waiting for one tiny element from a subcontractor partner.