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    Search Service Blog

    Although whole industries are seeing operational shutdowns, public sector contracts are still being published for services and products required not just urgently but for works later this year. Now is the time to consider looking at relevant opportunities which you may not have had time to previously work on.

    We run a Tender Search Service on a daily basis for clients where we search for new tender opportunities against their specific requirements for our clients.  A daily report is then emailed over so you can make a decision on whether you wish to proceed. If you wish to take over at this point you can or we can take all the pain away and register for full information – wrestle with the portal – and support you completing a compliant tender.

    Lesley runs the Search Service and comes across a number of more unique and niche opportunities that are put out for tender.   The challenge can be actually working out what exactly the contract is for, before we decide which Client to send it to!

    Tenders Direct reported this week that there are currently thousands of live notices across the UK, Ireland and Europe:

    • 15,037 IT notices
    • 41,249 Construction notices
    • 15,037 Healthcare notices

    During March we have found 134 opportunities for our Search Service clients.  We have also shared opportunities, both locally and nationally, on Social Media for those contracts we think will offer a great opportunity to show you all there are still contracts to be secured. This week alone we have shared over 10 opportunities on social media from PPE, to IT to Roofing to Building works and highway maintenance.  The values of these contracts range from thousands to millions.

    The tender process is not always a speedy one and a number of tender contract start dates are in several months’ time.  Why not use this time, when work may be reduced, to find new opportunities and complete the submissions.  You will securing work for when things return to normality.

    If you are interested in finding out how we can support you during these challenging times and long term then please get in contact on info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk or call 01908 382414.