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      R&D Technical Partnership with Haines Watts

      R&D Technical Partnership with Haines Watts

      Following the launch of KCS Compliance a trading arm of Bid & Tender Support in April, we are continuing to add to our services to the provide added value to our Clients by joining forces with Haines Watts in supporting their Research & Development Team.


      Haines Watts provide a range of services to cover many of the challenges faced by businesses today.  From book keeping, business planning, business growth support to acting as your sounding board in business.   Over the last two years Haines Watts have identified £90m of qualifying expenditure with regards to R&D Tax Relief. In order to strengthen the team at Haines Watts they have recently recruited Emma Craig West who comes with a wealth of knowledge and will be heading up an internal R&D team plus external specialists consultants including Katy Berrill from Bid & Tender Support.


      A common misconception for many businesses is that R&D tax credits are for those companies with laboratories, doing controlled research.  However they are available for all companies that make innovative changes to their industries.  R&D tax credits are a tax relief designed to encourage further R&D spending, leading in turn to greater innovation and wealth creation across the UK.  For example, in the last year Haines Watts have successfully claimed R&D cash back for construction clients, architects, engineering companies and businesses involved in manufacturing.


      Katy Berrill will be supporting the Haines Watts R&D Team with the completion of Technical R&D Report Writing, we are very much looking forward to seeing the great things that will come out of this Partnership.