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      Proposals Behind The New Health & Care Bill

      Proposals Behind The New Health & Care Bill

      The Health & Care Bill, presented to parliament last week, proposes a new legislative framework to facilitate closer collaboration between the NHS, local authorities and partners, as well as a fundamental change to how the tendering of NHS contracts will be regulated in the future.

      The government announced the changes would support the recovery of the NHS in the wake of the pandemic, and the proposals intend to make the NHS less bureaucratic, more accountable, and more integrated.

      The key proposals, in brief, include:

      • The NHS and local government coming together better to plan health and care services around their patients’ needs, with the devolving of some powers to 42 new Integrated Care systems (ICSs) carved out across England
      • The development of a new procurement regime for the NHS and public health procurement, reducing the need for competitive tendering where it adds limited or no value
      • A package of measures to deliver on specific needs in the social care sector
      • Supporting the introduction of new requirements about calorie labelling on food and drink packaging and the advertising of junk food

      However, the proposals have received a mixed response.

      If the proposals are passed, they are expected to come into force in 2022.

      For the full press release: