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      Planting a Thousand Trees in 2021

      Planting a Thousand Trees in 2021

      As we enter into 2021 we have been looking at how we can give back this year, and as you may have seen on Social Media we came up with the idea of aiming to plant a thousand trees in 2021.  This will be through a combined effort from both of our companies, Bid & Tender Support and KCS Compliance.

      Throughout 2021 we have agreed to plant a tree for every tender submission we complete through Bid & Tender Support and every subscription and accrediations renewal we complete through KCS Compliance. With a number of us in the business having children and grandchildren it is important to us that we do our bit to protect the environment for their generations and the generations to come.

      We will be working with Forest of Marston Vale and at the end of 2021 we will confirm the number of trees we have managed to raise funds for through the mechanisms mentioned earlier and will therefore be able to plant in early 2022 at one of their Spring planting days.

      The Forest of Marston Vale is a Community Forest and a Charity, planting trees and using woodlands to make life better for the people and wildlife in the 61 square mile area of the Marston Vale, between Bedford and Milton Keynes. The Charity has planted over 2 million trees to transform the landscape and improve the prospects of the Marston Vale, because trees make life better – for people, for wildlife and for the planet. They help to cool and clean our air, lock up carbon, reduce flooding, provide sustainable raw materials, and are our best hope in combating the climate crisis. The Charity’s ultimate goal is 30% tree cover across the area and that means planting another 5 million trees.

      To help the area recover from the effects of local industries, the Government made the area a Community Forest, one of 12 in the UK – in the early 90s. To find out more about the work the Forest of Marston Vale carries out please visit

      A message from the Marston Vale Forest Team, “Our challenge is keeping the balance between the environment and new developments like housing and warehouses. We’re working towards 30% tree cover, which is another 5 million trees. Every time a new development goes ahead we work hard to make sure that, overall, the environment benefits – aka there’s a net environmental gain.”

      In order to support us in reaching our target of 1000 trees in 2021 we are asking our clients if they would like to join us, through either matching our donation of £10 per project completed or donating directly to the Centre.  We will be offering certificates to clients for each tree we plant relating to work we have completed for them.  This is a great piece of work that can be included as a Corporate Social Responsibility/Social Value project in your tender submissions going forwards.

      To find out more please get in touch.