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    Out Sourcing Bid Writing

    Out Sourcing Bid Writing

    Many companies are learning that outsourcing key specialist responsibilities can be a good idea both commercially and practically. Have you considered whether it is a good idea for you?

    It is already common practice in the ‘Lean’ working environments we work in, to look at ways of saving money and time.  Outsourcing work to specialist consultants can not only help to save money but also provide you with access to a higher level of expertise than you may have internally.

    As an established specialist Bid & Tender Writing Company we offer a reliable, trustworthy and high quality service, so outsourcing work to us, you can save you time and ensure your bids are completed to a much higher standard.  There is no contractual commitment or financial cost for having us on standby, and we can offer varying levels of service to suit your individual circumstances and existing team. This will give your Company the confidence and ability to allow flexible working for bid and tender staff without compromising on the output quality and amount of the bids you are able to commit to at any one time.

    It is already common practice to outsource your Marketing, Accounting, HR and Training, and many other facets of your business, so why not contact us today and outsource your Tender Writing and Management work as well.  We offer all aspects of specialist Bid & Tender Support, so if you are interested in outsourcing to our expert bid consultants, please contact us today by calling 01908 382 414 or emailing info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk