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    New Regulations to Boost Building Safety 

    New Regulations to Boost Building Safety 

    Government announces new regulations to boost building safety

    The government have announced unlimited fines for those who fail to meet new fire safety regulations in an effort to improve building safety and help raise funds for Fire and Rescue Authorities across England.

    The new measures will:

      • Improve the quality of fire risk assessments and competence of those who complete them
      • Ensure vital fire safety information is preserved over the lifespan of all regulated buildings
      • Improve cooperation and coordination amongst people responsible for fire safety and making it easier to identify who they are
      • Strengthen enforcement action, with anyone impersonating or obstructing a fire inspector facing unlimited fines
      • Strengthen guidance issued under the Fire Safety Order so that failure to follow it may be considered in court proceedings as evidence of a breach or of compliance
      • Improve the engagement between Building Control Bodies and Fire Authorities in reviewing plans for building work
      • Require all new flats above 11 metres tall to install premises information boxes.


    The announcement recognised the extra work that has been taken on board by the Fire Service during the Covid pandemic as well as the recommendations made by the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. The measures form part of the government’s response to the Fire Safety Consultation, and will come into force as part of the legislation in the Building Safety Bill.