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      Meet Milo

      Meet Milo

      At Bid & Tender Support we are always keen to give back by offering our support to different projects and charities.  This year we are looking to support a different Charity or project each quarter, with each Charity being selected by one of our team members.

      The charity put forward for quarter one by Lesley is Guide Dogs for the Blind.  This was selected as a close family member to one of our Team has RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), which is a genetic condition affecting the retina and peripheral vision. This results in a severe narrowing field of vision and gradual loss of sight over time and in most cases, blindness.

      Guide Dogs help individuals living with sight loss get out and enjoy life. ‘Please take a moment, close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to lose your sight. Imagine not being able to leave the house by yourself and being trapped in your own home. Just imagine…’ Guide Dogs for the Blind

      As a result we are now the proud sponsors of a Guide Dog Puppy for 2 years, called Milo! We are looking forward to receiving our pup-dates on Milo’s progress. Our sponsorship will help allow those with sight loss to lead full, active and independent lives.

      Here is 6 week old Milo – we hope he behaves himself in training and graduates a fully fledged guide dog. We’ll keep you posted through our social media channels.

      If you are interested in learning more about Sponsoring a Puppy or the work that Guide Dogs for the Blind do please see their website.