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    Local businesses support the Winter Night Shelter

    Local businesses support the Winter Night Shelter

    The Winter Night Shelter in Milton Keynes is close to the heart of a member of our team who has volunteered with them for a number of years, so when we were planning our charity support for the Year we were keen to see how we could help.

    The Winter Night Shelter began as a response to urgent need when, during the severe winter of 2010, Milton Keynes Council became aware of a number of homeless people sleeping in bin stores and such places in central Milton Keynes, despite freezing temperatures and thick snow on the ground.

    At the time the YMCA was the only viable option for many, and with their beds full, a new solution was needed. A conference brought together people from various interested agencies to discuss the issue, and the concept of the Winter Night Shelter MK was born.

    We reached out to them to see how we could best offer our support we had a meeting with Sam Hall, Fundraising Manager for the Winter Night Shelter.  They had been keen to purchase a new Condensing Washer-Dryer with a quick wash setting.

    In providing a quick cycle Washer-Dryer, they would be able to help even more of the homeless wash their belongings before being taken to the venues for the night.

    We teamed up with three other local businesses, Prominent Media, Profile Resourcing  and Dragon Appliances and have purchased and installed a new Washer-Dryer which is now in situ at the Unity Park Station.

    Sam Hall and the team are delighted and commented “Thank you ever so much team for our new washing-machine at Unity Park Station, that will truly help our homeless guests start to rebuild their confidence and lives back together. “

    We will be continuing to work with the Winter Night Shelter over the next few months and will keep you updated on what we get up to.