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    Kick off Calls

    Kick off Calls

    We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service to each client that meets their needs and those of their business.  From ensuring we have an agreed distribution list, to sharing a folder with live work in, we are happy to treat each client as an individual, rather than one rule for all.

    One such service we have developed with a number of our clients is a Kick off Call.


    A Kick off Call is a good way of talking through the tender/ bid and getting the client’s viewpoint and ideas.  Even with clients for whom we have completed numerous tenders, we find it is a great way of getting new snippets of information about the latest projects they have been working on, or developments within their industry that would be great to add into the response.


    Before the Kick off Call, we do a first run on the tender documents and pull out the quality questions for those questions to which we don’t have the answers, e.g. Will you be using subcontractors? Do you have relevant contract examples?

    We then produce a Skeleton document which has all these questions in.  With the quality questions we then look at the requirements, word limits, font etc and then do a rough response layout so our response meets the award criteria and therefore a clear list of what we are looking to input.  This document is then emailed to the client in advance of the Kick off Call.


    During the Kick off Call we use the Skeleton document as a structure for the call. We work through this, discussing what details the client would like to use and what information they need to send over to us.  It may be that we need to speak to another employee so we and add this to the action list.

    Once we finish the Kick off Call, we then get on with completing the tender documents. The client will send over any information needed and this should complete any gaps.  This process is a great way of speeding up the process both in completing and writing the documents.  It also helps the client in the review process, as they are aware of what is going to be in each of the questions and the content should meet their needs.

    If you are interested in getting a service that meets your needs when it comes to bid and tender writing then contact us on info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk or call 01908 382414.