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    How to check if your business is bid fit?

    How to check if your business is bid fit?

    Whilst the idea of submitting bids sounds great and you feel confident to do so, or you have submitted a number of bids with low success rates and you’re not sure why?  Have you established if your business is ready to bid?

    We have put together a list of questions to help you assess your business and where you have areas of improvement and where key elements are currently missing from your strategy and resources. This Bid Audit will help you build a bid strategy that delivers results, utilises your time and resources effectively and wins contracts which not only grow your business but improves it.  Once you have completed the Audit – get in touch and we can advise on how to take the next steps forward to achieving your peak in Bid Fitness:


    Use this list to identify and give yourself a score for each area 1,2,3, if you are performing well (3), you have not yet addressed it (1), or it’s in place but in need of improvement/you don’t have a clear understanding of (2).

    • We have an effective Bid Strategy that is actually used in the business
    • We know where to look and how to find relevant Tender Opportunities
    • We have the resources and time to bid for work
    • We have a clear criteria in which to look for and choose Tenders against
    • We are able to make informed bid-no-bid decisions
    • We have a comprehensive and up to date Bid Library of information
    • We have defined roles and responsibilities in our organisation for Tenders
    • We have a thought out process for each Bid we work on
    • We know how to price Bids competitively
    • We have the skills to write excellent Bid Responses
    • We always allow for time to Review the entire Bid before Submission
    • We know how to conduct an effective Bid Review
    • We always follow up on opportunities and ask for feedback on our submission
    • Feedback is measured and used to make improvements to our approach
    • Our Win Rate is high and we know how to measure it


    You can now rank the items by those you scored highest on and therefore do not need urgent attention. Whereas all those scoring 1 need to be addressed urgently to improve your win rates and ability to deliver excellent bids responses. Then move to those scoring 2, as still need to be looked at to work out how to improve them and move forwards.


    Our Team of expert Bid Writing Consultants can support you in ensuring you achieve success in all areas listed above. All the elements listed are ones we have shortlisted as fundamental to winning work through tendering and therefore we understand how to get them right.


    Get in touch on 01908 382414 or email info@bidandtendersupport.co.uk to start your journey to improved win rates and a more efficient bid process in your Company.