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    How important Business Development is alongside Tendering

    How important Business Development is alongside Tendering

    By Louise Lewis, Tuesday 31st May 2017

    Business Development is the link between all your internal departments with your external clients/customers and when bidding for a tender it is imperative that these communications work seamlessly. Your Business Development supports and works with building potential partnerships, new business opportunities and client relations.

    Detecting new business opportunities is one of the main responsibilities of the business developer and creating, developing and nurturing new potential clients and looking after the ones you have building long and lasting relationships is essential to the success of the business. Businesses are now moving away from cold calling and realising that building connections enhance company reputation and improve brand awareness.

    When tendering, connecting with all the internal departments through business development enhances your client relationships and enables you to get the correct information needed to produce a successful tender submission. Building strong and trusted relationship create strong ties with clients and is worth-while, we can’t just be successful at Tendering without the Business Development to back it up.

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