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    How do I get on a Framework?

    How do I get on a Framework?

    Once you have decided that you would like to be considered for a Framework, how do you get on to one.

    First of all you have to find the Framework opportunities, these are advertised through procurement portals such as TED, FTS and contracts finders.  This is exactly the same process as finding one off contracts. There are also industry specific portals where you can search for frameworks and tenders, such as the NHS portal for opportunities within the healthcare industry.

    It may be that the Framework you want to be on isn’t currently open for new suppliers, but you should still be able them and see how long they are live for and therefore note for future reference when they are likely to reopen for new suppliers. This can be a great way of planning for the future and making sure when those Frameworks do come back around and open up, you are ready for them.

    Frameworks can be for one client i.e. a County Council or they can be a Framework which multiple buyers can call off from for services.

    The bid process is similar to individual contracts in that you are often asked to complete a Standard Questionnaires on compliance/basic perquisites and general company experience/approach to delivery. Some Frameworks will ask for example pricing to be submitted for a scenario provided but most importantly it is rare that at this stage you will be tendering for specific projects.

    Basically, you are going through an initial vetting process so that buyers who use suppliers on the Framework know you have met a certain standard and then when individual projects come up you are just competing on specifics for that project i.e. programme, method and pricing.

    Some frameworks can stay open for a long period and they will accept suppliers in rounds throughout its lifetime so you aren’t locked out for 10 years if you wish the first intake.

    Once awarded a space on the Framework, you will then take part in mini competitions or simply negotiate rates for a specific job with the Buyer.

    If you’d like more advice on Frameworks or have any other questions, we’d be happy to help.