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      How Bid Search Services Can Help You

      How Bid Search Services Can Help You


      How Bid Search Services Can Help Your Business

      Having a systematic, tried and tested method to identify contracts put out for tender, and then respond to them with high-quality, individually tailored bids, is both a highly effective, and potentially very lucrative, way to grow your business.

      Creating and maintaining such a system in-house is very challenging, due to the expertise needed to ensure the system works as planned and genuinely maximises your chances of winning more work, along with the costs involved in employing your own bid writers and subscribing to the range of specialist software tools which are needed to effectively monitor and respond to opportunities.

      It is for this reason, that bid consultants (such as ourselves) exist.

      Dedicated bid search service providers have all the knowledge, resources and capacity needed to monitor thousands of new bidding opportunities every single day, on behalf of a wide range of clients, before crafting unique bids tailored to both the client’s individual business, and the requirements of the contracts that are being put up for tender.

      The bid search industry is perhaps not as well known as it should be, considering how much value these services can deliver to clients, and the sheer amount of capital that is up for grabs to the winning bidders.

      To help shed light on this industry, and to outline how bid search services tend to operate, we’ve created this infographic, which we hope will illustrate to both business owners and the general public, some of the benefits bid search services can provide.


      About Bid and Tender Support

      Bis and Tender Support are one of the leading bid services and support companies in the UK, having delivered over £1 billion of additional revenue to their clients over the course of the past ten years.

      Some of the services Bid and Tender Support provide, include: Bid Support, Bid Review, Bid Writing Courses and Commercial Bid Evaluation.

      This infographic was created by Bid and Tender Support, KCS Compliance and New Frontiers Marketing.