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    Homes England opens up a new developer framework for bidders

    Homes England opens up a new developer framework for bidders

    The government’s housing delivery agency, Homes England, has opened up a new developer framework for bidders in a move that has been heralded as simplifying how it chooses house builders and contractors to build houses on its land. The housing quango has given bidders a month to put in applications before the launch of the ‘dynamic’ system in September.


    The new framework will replace the delivery partner panel (DPP3), which housebuilders have to be registered under in order to get a chance to bid for public sites it is bringing forward. Homes England’s new system, Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), will work in a similar way to DPP3, except that new partners will be able to bid for a place on the panel at any point, rather than being shut out until re-procurement of the framework.


    The new framework allows for a slightly easier qualification system for SME developers, while large housebuilders bidding to build out the biggest sites will face a more testing qualification process.




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