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    G-Cloud 12 Framework

    G-Cloud 12 Framework

    The initial dates and information for the Governments Digital Services G-Cloud 12 Framework have been released.

    G-Cloud is the governments agreement for Cloud based services, split into 3 lots covering:

    • Hosting – Providing a cloud platform for the provision and use  of processing, storage or networking resources.  Deploy, Manage and run software.
    • Software – Providing applications that are cloud based and buyer can select the level of application that they pay for.
    • Support – Providing ongoing to help buyers set up and maintain there cloud based services.


    G-cloud 12 framework will replace the previous G-Cloud 11 Framework.  Those on the G-Cloud 11 will need to re apply for this updated framework.

    On Tuesday 3rd March 2020 G-Cloud Applications open, if you are interested in applying make sure you have a Supplier account set up and ready to go on.

    If you would like our support in applying for this Framework please get in touch.