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      First Steps in Tendering

      First Steps in Tendering

      By Louise Lewis, Wednesday 10th May 2017

      With many years of experience winning Clients work, we know how best to produce and coordinate a successful and winning tender. When receiving a tender opportunity that is of interest to you from either our Search Service facility or an independently found source, it can be daunting as to what to do next. This Blog sets out our advice on how to go about setting up a winning approach:

      • Download the documentation and store it in a separate folder on your computer system, namely it clearly. If only a hard copy of the tender is available make copies and distribute amongst the team who are going to be involved in the completion of the tender or forward this to our team here at Bid and Tender Support if you need further support

      • We recommend that you thoroughly read all the document through to assess whether the tender is right for your business. Read the contract carefully and make sure you can fulfil all the requirements. Think about your turnover, experience, years trading, accreditations and affiliations e.g. ISO 9001, CHAS and NICEIC and think from the offset about not only your ability to complete a compliant bid but the chances you’ll be able to win the contract in terms of competitiveness of offering

      • When making the decision to go ahead with the opportunity, get all relevant departments to agree on their ability to deliver in the timescales for the bid and the project.

      • Once you have decided you are going ahead – work through each piece of the tender which requires a response – allocate responsibility for completion to the most appropriate department/team member. Agree a timeframe for returning drafts and organise review dates at the start of the process.

      If you require any help or support in finding the right opportunities, producing a professional and compliant tender submission or assistance to gain accreditations, we can help, so please do get in touch.