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      Exhibiting at Olney Chamber of Trade

      Exhibiting at Olney Chamber of Trade

      On Wednesday 7th June Bid & Tender Support exhibited at the Olney Chamber of Trade Business Live Event.

      The event was a great opportunity to meet and network with other local businesses and showcase our Services within the Local Community. As a local employer, it is important for us to support organisations such as Olney Chamber of Trade which has supported us and our business with networking opportunities and information events.

      It cannot be underestimated the value in supporting and championing other local businesses, meeting them face-to-face, sharing ideas and experiences. As a result of the event we have set up a couple of conversations for ongoing support and idea sharing which is really exciting.

      Katy Berrill, Director at Bid & Tender Support said, “The opportunity to get out in front of other local businesses and discuss current challenges, opportunities and ideas is very valuable. It is obviously also good for us to promote and share what we are doing with local partners and catch up with existing contacts.”