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      Ending the year on a high!

      Ending the year on a high!

      April has been by far the most exciting month for so many reasons! Finishing our fourth financial year on a high has been a result of hard work, dedication and commitment to the business and our clients from the whole Team.


      Katy Berrill, Director at Bid & Tender Support commented, ‘I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by a Team who are committed to both delivering excellent services to our Clients but also pushing forward to improve what we offer to ensure our future success. This is an exciting time and I’m very proud of everything we have achieved.’


      The month started well with a win for Katy at the SME Buckinghamshire Business Awards for ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ and the wins have gone from there with a record number of Client wins this month as well. We have been working on some new collaborations and contracts with Partners and Clients, which we look forward to taking into the rest of 2018. 


      The launch of KCS Compliance a trading arm of Bid & Tender Support demonstrates another commitment to offering more relevant services to support our clients in ensuring they not only win work but they retain the accreditations they require to keep those contracts. We take away the pain of organising and submitting documentation for Annual Renewals and Accreditation Applications.


      As an Organisation driven by winning and success for our Clients, it’s great to be able to celebrate our own success and recognise the accomplishments we have achieved to date and the benefits these bring to our Clients.