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      Ease the pain of Bid writing and don’t be scared this Halloween!

      Ease the pain of Bid writing and don’t be scared this Halloween!

      By Louise Lewis, Monday 31st October 2016

      There is no silver bullet and magic formula to writing a successful bid and often people feel daunted by loads of pages and multiple sections but if you’ve got a good fundraising strategy or a bid to write and you have good evidence that your services are required then check the guidelines to see if you fit them. If you do, then comes the scary bit of putting pen to paper!

      Follow the basics, describe your project truthfully and concisely. Break down requests into bite-size pieces. Write any ideas down ideally on a wipe board, create a mind-map or spider diagram.

      Don’t feel alone, run your ideas by colleagues and co-workers – they may well just conjure up some suitable response ideas and help you answer those complicated and time consuming questions. An outside perspective and a second pair of eyes always helps.

      You’ll be aiming to take what you’ve captured and shape it into a hierarchical skeleton or outline for each question. Create bullet points and sub bullets for further details and lay them out in logical order shaping each question into a response.

      You can never plan exactly what you’re going to write but when you’re absorbed in the writing it may well flow – don’t forget the word count though!

      If you need assistance this Halloween or any-time of year, don’t be scared to ask us and call 01908 382414 to make all of your bid and tendering nightmares disappear!