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    Dust those cobwebs away

    Dust those cobwebs away


    “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” Macbeth, William Shakespeare.

    As the nights draw in, it is spooky how things creep up on you, days are shorter, deadlines approach and you struggle to see the light.  Although working on tenders can be scary and although it doesn’t appear easy to ask for help and make a plan, working with experts such as the Bid & Tender Support Team is as quick as waving a magic wand.

    To prevent feeling alone and avoid the tricks hidden within Tender Documents – ask for help!  Have a plan of attack and approach each task methodically.  Spider diagrams and mind maps can be a great way of clearing the fog and avoiding getting tangled in a web as well as getting perspective on where you need to go. We’ll make sure you knock on the right doors and lead you through the maze of work.

    Our experts will work with you to shape your information into a skeleton response for each question. Create bullet points and sub-bullets for further details and lay them out in logical order shaping each question into a response.

    Now you have a plan, and the old cobwebs have been dusted away you can start writing winning bids. With a good plan in place you will quickly become so absorbed in the writing that it will just flow – don’t forget the word count though!

    If you need assistance this Halloween or any-time of year, don’t be scared to ask us and call 01908 382414 to make all of your bid and tendering nightmares vanish in a puff of smoke.