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      Do you have clearly defined roles and responsibilities when it comes to winning work?

      Do you have clearly defined roles and responsibilities when it comes to winning work?

      With Summer finally here after a sudden heat wave at the weekend, it brings with it a focus on the holidays ahead in the coming months to make the most of the weather or to cover summer childcare.  It is more vital than ever that everyone knows their role and responsibilities within the bid and tender process so cover can be arranged during their absence.

      At the start of a bid it is good practice to run through all the documentation and list any departments who may need to be involved and provide input. Contact these people as soon as possible to establish their availability or any vacation time they have coming up.

      A kick off meeting or call is an efficient way to brief everyone involved on the project and set internal deadlines for input. It also provides the opportunity for all those involved to discuss their role in the bid.

      • Bid Writer – The person who is writing the bid and ensuring compliance to all the questions and requirements.


      • Proof Reader – The person to check the content and the readability as well as highlighting any formatting issues.


      • Content provider – Do you need specific information, mobilisations plans you will need to make contact with these teams and ensure they know what they are providing you with and when.


      • Financial – Pricing, if you need a pricing schedule then you will need to ensure you inform the relevant teams who will provide this and let them know when you need it by.


      If your bid team is melting under the heat of bid and tender coverage stress over the summer, Bid and Tender Support Ltd offer adhoc support services that can help you keep your cool this summer. From Bid Reviewing to a complete Bid Management Service, call us with your requirements on 01908 382414.