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    Direct Resource vs Outsourcing Bid Writing

    Direct Resource vs Outsourcing Bid Writing

    How to make outsourcing work for you


    Many companies are learning that outsourcing key specialist responsibilities can be a good idea. Is it a good idea for you? Here, we talk about some of the points to ponder before you consider outsourcing


    Why outsource?

    It is already common practice to outsource your development team, your accounting team, your human resources, and many other facets of your business. By doing so you will save on overhead, recruiting and training time, and the general expenses of full-time staff, while allowing you to tap into experts who will deliver without all the associated expenses


    Is there good cause to outsource bid writing and management? From start-ups to Multi-Nationals, if you are focused on growth initiatives, outsourcing your bidding efforts to an agency that can strategise and execute could be a key move. For new companies, it makes little sense to employ a full-time member of staff – who in the short-term will struggle to have all the attributes to effectively identify, manage, write and review all bids.

    The same applies to established large multi-national corporations that have not properly got to grips with the nature of competitive bidding for work. Why employ one or more full time staff when you can simply draw on the resources of established bid experts?  The added benefit of being able to be flexible with this resource during peak and quiet times is quite appealing too.

    Having the perks of a full bid team at a fraction of the cost of paying for multiple full time salaries is a boon for business dexterity. With no long-term commitment, outsourcing allows you to tap into experts when you need them.


    Understand your company and capabilities

    In deciding whether you should outsource any components bid strategy (or the entire bid operation) entire – you need to really understand what your personnel are good at. It is an absolute must to make sure that you stick with your core competency

    Then review all the areas you need support with and let experts in their respective fields come in and execute those other business functions. In a competitive market, it can be extremely expensive in both the time and the cost of attracting and hiring top-tier talent. Outsourcing could be the answer



    A provider is not a magician. They can’t wave a magic wand and produce a perfect product – solutions take time and effort to produce and to bed in. However, they will have an expertise in their field and if you have chosen your provider wisely, trusting their expertise. Allow your provider the freedom to do their work


    Outsourcing saves resources and aids growth

    Time saving

    If you are looking to take on your own bidding you will often find yourself distracted from your key activities. Successful strategies and execution require long term dedication, experience and the time to really analyse the results.


    Cost saving

    Outsourcing your bidding is particularly cost-efficient, especially when hiring a full time professional would be a ‘cost to employer you in the region of £35-45k a year, the costs of outsourcing to an accountable provider on a month to month basis is a wise investment


    Experience growth

    Your in-house team can draw on the knowledge of your external bid support agency. A good provider will help with skills-transfer for your team that will pay dividends long after your initial investment

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