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      Business Spotlight Podcast

      Business Spotlight Podcast

      Over the last few weeks 123 Internet a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency have been producing a series of Podcasts on the impact of Covid-19 with guest speakers from a variety of Businesses

      These Business Owners share how Covid-19 has shaped and pivoted their businesses, how they have responded and what impact they have felt as the result of this global pandemic.

      Bid & Tender Support’s Managing Director, Katy Berrill took part this week to discuss how the lockdown and Covid-19 have affected the business, our working environment and how we have adapted to the situation. It was great to share how we have been able to carry on providing exactly the same service to clients with our remote systems and video conferencing facilities.

      In addition to this over the last 2 months we have increased the amount of useful information being shared across social media including new contracts released which we aren’t able to send to clients already subscribed to our Search Service. By sharing these opportunities and general positivity we feel that we’ve been able to contribute to keeping others positive and hopeful about the future and opportunities still out there.

      If you would like to find out what Katy had to say, then download the podcast using the links below:


      or from a podcast platform such as Apple: