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      Is your Business ready for Brexit?

      Is your Business ready for Brexit?

      “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Benjamin Franklin

      With the government publishing documents on how to prepare for Brexit and regardless of your views on Brexit, change is coming and we have been looking at what you can do now to ensure your business is Brexit ready to put you in the best place to win more business.

      The government is publishing documents to help businesses should there be ‘no deal’ with the EU, and is encouraging businesses to read and try to have plans in place should this be the outcome.  As stated on in the overview document on the Direct Gov website this approach does not mean that there is more chance of a No deal occurring but is more about trying to be prepared for all scenarios. Can you really afford not to plan and ensure that your business is ready no matter the outcome.


      Is your business in a place to be able to adapt, change and react?

      With the uncertainty in place at the moment your business needs to be able to react to new opportunities as they arise. Ensuring that you have the right team and support to win new work, whilst being innovative and efficient will be key.

      • Identify – Any potential gaps or operational challenges that may be faced with potential workforce losses or changed in legislation. Are there any opportunities to apply for grants? Recruit the best staff possible, look at apprenticeships support and develop the workforce of the future.
      • Understand –what the potential challenges may be faced by the above gaps and challenges. What can we do to ensure we are in the best place possible come March 2019.
      • Plan – Look for areas that could be outsourced, look to join forces with similar businesses to share support and ideas, plan for contingency, and be realistic in forecasting.
      • Be ready – your business needs to be in a place where you can react and be as flexible as possible to react to the changes ahead.

      Whilst no one knows what Brexit will bring ensuring your business is in the best place possible will hopefully help to reduce the impact and increases your chances of winning opportunities that will be coming.

      Depending on your business there are number of documents aimed at specific industries available on the direct gov website